AIS is active in the Custody sector since 1992, supporting a great number of major Banks. The continuous occupation with this subject offered the company the opportunity to gain significant know-how and business knowledge of the specific sector. This profound knowledge has set the basis on which “AIS – CUSTODY”, a complete information technology settlement, custody and back-office system, was created.

“AIS – CUSTODY” is a fully automated system that generates and handles all the SWIFT messages used by a Custody Department, utilizes all means of electronic files and provides/utilizes web services to communicate with other systems inside or outside the Bank. Moreover, it fully supports the operations of the Department in order to function as a
• Custodian
• Sub-custodian
• Global custodian
• Depositor (Funds)
and support clients (local and foreign)
• Own Portfolios
• Institutional Investors (Banks, Mutual Funds, Pension Funds, Brokerages, Asset Management Companies)
• Individual Investors
by providing personalized services to each customer.

The system covers the entire set of a Custody’s operations regardless of its size and target group. The Custody is capable of modifying and adjusting the system according to its needs due to the system’s high scalability. The information technology system is complete and seamless and consists of “AIS – Custody Core”, which is the core of the system, and of several modules. The system has been “broken down” to modules not for technical reasons, but in order to give the Custody the opportunity to configure the system’s functionality as desired and according to the services offered, without investing in operations and automations that are not necessary. As a result, “AIS – CUSTODY” is able to support any Custody regardless of its size or services provided to its clients. Due to the system’s great scalability Custody Hubs can also be supported.

The system is configured separately for each Custody Department by installing and parameterizing modules that cover each Custodian’s needs. The system’s modules cover all possible areas of functionality such as SWIFT STP, Fund Depository, Asset Manager supporting services, Billing, Corporate Actions, Regulatory Reporting, etc. Localization usually includes issues like clearing procedures to local CSDs, Taxation, Regulatory Reporting and is considered a relatively easy process due to the parameterization of the system.

“AIS – CUSTODY” is integrated in the Bank’s overall IT System, adopts the Bank’s security policy and fully supports 4-eyes principle.

There are several business lines a Custodian can have. “AIS – CUSTODY” is consisted by modules enabling Custodian to select the proper modules according to Custody’s business lines. These modules are:
• Custody Core
• Prices Link
• STP (Straight Through Process)
• Asset Management Link
• MF Link
• MF Audit
• Regulatory Reporting
• Billing
• Utilities
• Portfolio Accounting
• User Privileges

Mutual & Pension Funds System

AIS provides a set of IT solutions for managing Mutual Funds, Pension Funds and Mutual Funds Representation suitable for all relevant businesses. Solutions are provided on two very popular platforms: Microsoft Windows and IBM AS/400 satisfying different IT technology approaches. All Fund solutions are automated and robust, covering all activities and procedures. Solutions include Unit holders’ Registry and Portfolio Investments Accounting (general ledger), customary areas of coverage, but also Sales Network Management and can be easily integrated with the Bank’s systems to automate information flow for deposits and auditing by the Custodian/Depositor. Fund solutions address the activities of the Mutual Fund Management Company, Insurance Company regarding Pension Fund Management and Bank Branch Network, as well as Bank Back/Middle Office. For Mutual Funds Representation (international or not), the solution is accessed by Bank’s branches network and covers middle office activities with Straight Thru Processes using SWIFT messages of ISO 20022 or files according to platform/asset manager specifications.

Modules of Fund Solutions are:

• Unit holders Registry Management
• Sales Network Management
• (International) MFs Representation Middle Office
• Bank Branches /Tellers’ Module
• Portfolio Investments Accounting
• Regulatory Reporting
• MF Products (Unit Linked, Monthly Income, Savings, etc)

AIS and our consultants are very experienced at the technical, as well as business level providing comprehensive expertise. We can lead an implementation project toward improving the credibility, accuracy, effectiveness and efficiency of your activities and procedures for delivering best services to customers. In addition, AIS can provide consultancy and outsourcing services.

Portfolio Accounting

Portfolio Accounting, a middle & back office system that combines portfolio investments and accounting in a very effective and friendly way, enabling middle/back-officers to manage their work in a familiar way while highly demanding accounting is managed by automatic processes. In addition, the system is a full accounting system.

Accountants also use the system for managing all entries needed by the company. Thus, one-for-all is one of great importance features of the system.

Regulatory Reporting Planning

Banks and other financial institutions are supervised by the National/Federal Central Bank and Financial Supervisory Authority. Regulatory reporting is not easy to implement and usually many departments and employees need to be coordinated. Using Regulatory Reporting Planning System, an organization can define tasks needed for each report and make the respective plan in terms of workflow.

The system can produce a full time schedule of regulatory reporting. Subsequently, the system automatically generates the necessary periodical tasks for each report and assigns them, tracks implementation and closes each task on time. Alerts and messages are used for employee call to action. Also, documents can be disseminated through the system which signals on-demand actions or attention notifications


Our expertise in combination with the knowledge from experts in leasing industry, produced an IT Solution for Leasing Companies, that enables company to provide personalized services to its clients, reduce operational costs and being supported by a robust and flexible system in business development.

The main guidelines of great customization, flexibility and coverage of all alternatives in providing leasing services, together with the adoption of the market's best practices give a leasing company valuable flexibility to attract clients having different and even peculiar needs.

The solution, in its full version, consists of the following modules:
• Leasing Front Office (Client Services)
• Leasing Back Office
• Accounting (General Ledger)
• Fixed Assets Management
• User Access Privileges

Project Management

AIS combines proven expertise in highly specialized fields to deliver best products and services to our clients. The integration of IT services, Project Management Consulting and Provek's expertise, resulted in the AIS PM Center, an IT web solution for managing programs and projects with MSP and PRINCE II frameworks.

In addition to the PM Center application, AIS provides consulting services for PMO set up, if needed, since the AIS-PM Center is not just an application for planning or a simple project management tool. It is a process-driven solution focusing on project and program management processes. The application implements top-down planning and bottom-up realization of benefits enabling an organization to align projects with organization goals.

Remote access through the Internet assures that every stakeholder can have reliable information at any time, at any place.


Realize the resource potential of your organization – from teams to enterprise

Exceptional IT Services and Project Management Consulting need state-of-the-art products for effective support.
AIS, as business partner, represents Planview Enterprise family of products in Greece.

Planview is an independent provider of the #1 Portfolio Project Management software solutions worldwide, providing solutions covering information technology, products, services and finance, aligning organization's strategy with projects and organization performance.

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All financial organizations are obliged to provide information for investments and income of other countries’ citizens in specific formats that has been defined by:

  • OECD
  • European Commission

The system:

  • Provides the proper functionality in order to manage all information needed in a unified way, regardless the requesting authority.
  • Provides data migration processes in order to gather data from all systems used in the organization.
  • Record data that are not recorded on other systems (e.g. related persons).
  • Is integrated to ais-Custody and ais-Funds.
  • Provides various types of reporting processes.
  • Utilizes data by previous reporting periods.
  • Manages submissions and report amendments

MiFIR Post Trading Reporting (MiFID II)

Transaction Reporting is a very demanding process that must be supported by an advanced system able to execute all actions automatically.

The profound business knowledge of 3 decades in banking and investments as well as the technological capabilities enabled ais to build a robust system that effectively supports the bank/financial institution to:

  • automatically gather data on trade and post trade from various systems.
  • automatically get ISINs for derivatives and maintain in the database for future use.
  • automatically submit information to APA.
  • automatically submit information to ARM.
  • manage submission results.
  • provide exception handling procedures with the minimum user intervention.

XPReS (Ex-Post Reporting System) (MiFID II)

According to MiFID II, all investment firms in EU are obliged to provide their clients’ with information related to all costs and charges they incurred within their investment activity. Investors should receive at least once a year a notification containing all ex-post trade information related to their trading activity. AIS provides XPReS (Ex-Post Reporting System), which is able to automatically gather the necessary information from the Investment firm’s systems, validate, process and provide the proper information in the proper format, so as the firm not only to comply to its obligations, but avoid operational overheads caused by the obligation and improve customer satisfaction by providing clients with the proper information.

NX Clearing

Advanced Information Services provides an IT system to support General Clearing Members of EnEx Clear in the provision of clearing services of Electricity and Gas Spot Markets:

  • Day Ahead Markets
  • Intraday/Within the Day Markets and
  • Balancing

The system

  • utilizes the information provided by EnEx Clear
  • Provides automated clearing processes based on the data provided
  • Provides Cash Collaterals management
  • Generates automatically accounting entries based on templates
  • Automatically manages VAT discrepancies
  • Provides Statement of Transactions daily
  • Implements Fees & Billing policies

Consolidated Income
& Tax Certificates

Every year Banks are obliged to provide to Greek financial authorities information regarding incomes and taxes withheld by the Bank. Such information includes interest, stock dividends, fund dividends and taxes, stock and fund units reinvestments.

AIS provides ConsCerTa (Consolidated Income & Tax Certificates Reporting System), which is able to automatically gather the necessary information from the Core Banking and Investment firm’s systems, validate, process and provide the proper information in digital form, so as the firm not only to comply to its obligations, but avoid operational overheads and improve customer satisfaction by providing clients with the proper information.

Reporting Factory

Reporting Factory system aims to mitigate the hardship in Reports population. It provides the business user the tool as to interpret the data into advanced report the Business Heads or/and Regulators require. The System empowers the user in producing advanced reports ready for submission, by providing adequate functionality to plan -even extremely complex- data extraction, standardize and document the recurrent process, adjust, and maintain historic data.

The Reporting Factory system encompasses in an all-in-one product all the mechanisms an organization should implement to construct and facilitate the required -periodic or ad hoc – reports.

Reporting Factory system is Ideal for Regulatory and Financial Reporting.

Other Systems

Money Transfer: A monitoring system for money transfer between the bank's branches.

CAD I (Basel I): Capital Adequacy evaluation based on algorithms specified by Basel I Committee

Non-Performing Loans Management: System aim is the detailed reflection of the specific Division's operation and is capable of monitoring "blocked loan" cases until final settlement.

Movable Property Management: A system to effectively handle large organizations’ equipment by managing all equipment data, transactions & statuses, providing valuable information for each piece of property.

Accounting, Cost & MIS System: An IT system that “drives” accounting to its limits to provide detailed, comprehensive and managerial information for organizations where a cost system to cover all activities is not easy to implement.

Stock Issuer: A Shareholders Registry management system and an integrated system to monitor and manage titles, shares and transactions.

S.T.S.: A front office system that covers Securities Desk of a Bank’s Treasury. A system was adopted by DowJones Telerate in its solutions portfolio for the Greek Market.

Test Planning & Test Scenarios Implementation System

Projects & Suppliers Economic Management

Synthetic Swaps Management


Trainers Registry & Certification

Registry & Certification of Vocational Training Centers

Registry & Certification of Training Centers for People with Special Needs

Clients Data Gathering

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