IT Services


IT Services



The client is at the center of our business philosophy.
‘Your business comes first’ is a key value we put into practice with each client.
AIS project model, a top-down approach, (from top management goals to end-user requirements), provides targeted information for systems development that promotes business growth.
Our IT Services incorporate field expertise, proven technology and professionalism for optimum results.

Our team provides expertise on financials, investment and project management together with consulting services resulting in a holistic and penetrative business analysis. Consultancy covers specifics, such as business plans, processes and regulations.
Business needs, technology and cost are balanced. The result is a viable IT solution that enables an organization to further develop its business.

How we do it


AIS support

We aim to be a valuable partner to our clients and not simply supplier.
Toward this goal, we establish close client relations, follow global market trends and legal / regulatory requirements. With valuable experience and market knowledge, we are able to advise our clients sharing insight on key factors to ensure effective, smooth operations.
AIS provides comprehensive and immediate support.

Development and installation of robust and scalable IT solutions for banking and money market industries.
AIS services have been used by a great range and variety of financial institutions, with different needs, targets, size, processes. Since the company’s establishment, we have worked with most financial organizations in Greece (domestic and foreign) with an excellent retention rate (especially for Banks, the figure approaches 100% -excluding mergers and acquisitions.)

Core activity


IT Functions

Highly demanding, tailor-made, IT solutions are also provided by our team of experts, as well as IT Studies, Software Product Engineering, Systems Integration.